Bahama Blue Anton with Chamfered sides

Bahama Blue Anton with Chamfered sides

All Polished Finest Quality Bahama Blue Granite Headstone. For the price you are getting a larger than standard headstone with matching base which is 6″ High, 150 carved letters in your choice of colour included in the price along with Fixing in situ & VAT



Any lettering over 150 letters

Flower container and hole  £35

Designs (depending on detail)  £25-£250

Any foundations which are required (e.g. Gidlow cemetery has the foundations already in place in some sections of the Cemetery) but if the Cemetery requires a foundation these are priced at £60.00

Church/Cemetery fees apply

*Please note the overall size is 42″ which may exceed maxium height in certain cemeteries*

Height - 3'6Headstone: 3' H x 2'0 W x 4" D
Base: 6" H x 2'6 W x 12" D

For pricing, orders or detailed information please email us or call 01257 424303

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