Granite is quarried from a variety of countries and varies greatly in colour and price. The main colours available are in Red, Black, Blue and Grey but more unusual colours and shades are becoming popular. Granite is normally more expensive than marble and may be double the price in some designs as it is a difficult material to shape and cut. This hardness ensures that the memorial is almost maintenance free.



Elmswell shown above in All Polished Black Granite with traditional Ogee shaped top with Loving friendship remembered design.
Please ring for pricing and quote Page number 9.

Height - 2'6"Headstone: 2'3"H X 1'9"W X 3"D
Base: 3"H X 2'0"W X 1'0"D

Height - 2'10"Headstone: 2'6"H X 2'0"W X 4"D
Base: 4"H X 2'6"W X 1'0"D

Height - 3`0"Headstone: 2`6" H x 2`0" W x 4" D
Base: 6" H x 2`6" W x 12" D

Height - 3`6"Headstone: 3`0" H x 2`0" W x 4" D
Base: 6" H x 2`6" W x 12" D

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